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Quotes of the week archive


September 2016

‘My two children and I would have been homeless and wouldn’t have survived without Foodbank and CAP.  The Foodbank signposted me to CAP when I came in to get a food parcel.  They have been amazing in keeping our accommodation and sorting out our arrears.  They even went to court with me.’   Anon

June 2016

Wayne and Denise came into our Avonmouth outlet on Monday morning.

“We have always worked.  We met at BT where we’ve worked for 28 and 19 years. We’ve also worked at the Council and the NHS.  We own our own house and have paid off our mortgage.  We’ve both recently lost our jobs and are having difficulty obtaining benefits and just finding out what’s available to us.  We have no money left at all now and are relying on borrowing small amounts off our family.

We used to look down our nose at people who weren’t working and on benefits, saying, ‘Why don’t they just get a job?’.  We are now finding that its not always that easy.

The Foodbank has been excellent, helpful a delight.  We had someone to talk to and air our views.  Also great coffee.”


February 2016

Jakob who came in today said, “Helpful, friendly staff.  They not only helped with food, but helped with my benefits too.”

Another client said, “Amazing service, couldn’t be better.  They really helped me when I needed it, not just with food but emotional too.”

A client who came in last week, sent us these photographs of the food she was able to prepare from the non-perishable food in her food parcel and the fresh vegetables she was given.  Chilli and Sausage Casserole (Sausages bought by client)!!



December 2016

David a client said:

‘My personal experience at the Foodbank has been fantastic because I am in financial difficulties at the moment and without the help of the Foodbank I don’t think I’d get by to be honest.  I’m very grateful and the food I get is extremely good.  I am happy with the fresh food as well as the tinned stuff.  It’s really appreciated to be welcomed with a cup of tea and a piece of cake.’

Steven a client said:

‘The Foodbank is warm, friendly and inviting.  Every member of staff seems to smile and are happy to sit with you for as long as you want.  When you’re at your lowest point, the hosts and hostesses always seem to pick you up, dust you down and send you on your way with a kind word and a strengthened soul.’


August 2015

A local Health Visitor said yesterday, “You make a huge difference, so thank you for doing it, especially as it’s not based on ‘status’ – I mean, “All are welcomed and accepted”.

June 2015

Said by one of our clients left this week after spending half an hour talking to one of our volunteers and finding some support to sort out their crisis, they said as they left the Foodbank, “I feel so much better now, thank you!”

January 2015-April 2015

A first time client who came in this week, said they were really ashamed and embarrassed to be seeking help from the Foodbank.  However, by the end of their visit they were encouraged by the welcome and help they were given, and felt much happier when they knew they would be able to donate food back to us once they were back on their feet.

A client recently was so hungry, the moment they got their food parcel they opened a tin and began drinking straight from the tin!

These clients own their own house and have previously been working. “I have had to use the Foodbank outlet in Lawrence Weston during the Christmas period. My Job Seekers Allowance was stopped just before Christmas and because of the Christmas period I have had to last for 3 ½ weeks on just £30. I had to use this for electric and gas for myself and my elderly father. For nearly two weeks we have been without power.” (Another family member at this point, said that they spend their evenings in the dark, without heating and with nothing to do because they can’t watch the TV.) They went onto say, “We have needed this food to survive. If it wasn’t for the Foodbank we would literally starve in our own country. And remember this is 2015 not 1815!!”

September-December 2014-

“Although I am employed, I’m ‘underemployed’! That is, I am only given 15 hours a week’s work. I’ve been job hunting for three years and am now on such a low income, I’ve applied for housing benefit and Council Tax benefit (which could take two months to process) so I have become eligible for Foodbank vouchers. You don’t have to be homeless or jobless to be poor!!” Jenny

“My partner didn’t get paid by his work, so we were left with literally nothing. I was at the Children’s Centre in tears and they suggested that I came to the Foodbank. I came and it was nothing like I expected. People were so helpful and understanding and not judgemental. They gave me a cup of tea and a biscuit. I was in a bad way the first time I came in. It’s been so much help, especially the nappies, shampoo and toilet roll. They did everything they could do to help.

They also told me about a local fruit and vegetable scheme (which sells at warehouse prices) which is amazing. I’m back again because my partner’s contract is finished and we are waiting for our benefits.” Young mum

“I’ve used the Foodbank a few times when I’ve been at rock bottom. First time I used the Foodbank I was really nervous and embarrassed, but as soon as I stepped through the door, I was made to feel welcome and put at ease. It was not as I was expecting it to be at all. I was given really good products as well and not made to feel bad about being there. I would highly recommend it if you are in real need.” Grandma

“It’s spot on. If I couldn’t get this help off you I would be stuck. I haven’t got friends & family to help, so the Foodbank is superb and the people that work there are helpful.” 20 year old in between work.

May -June 2014-

“The Foodbank is a stronghold in the community.  I’m a single Dad.  People in my circumstances tend to ‘bury their heads in the sand’ with their problems.  I myself ended up £2,000 in debt.  Now I am getting help to help me pay off my debt.  I’m paying out every week, so need help.  Everyone needs help from time to time.  Poverty is in our community, more than the Government want to admit.  I can’t work because I am the sole carer of my two year old.  I will go back to work when he starts full-time education.  I think the Foodbank is friendly, everyone listens and they’ve helped me out of a tight situation.”

“It was a moving today to see two preschool aged children from a local church  come in with their parent to drop off some food donations.  At the same time as they walked into the Foodbank, another mother left with her young son helping to carry out the Food they had just picked up. What a wonderful picture of being a helping hand and support to those in your local community!”

Following her visit a couple of weeks ago at the Lawrence Weston outlet, Charlotte Leslie MP said

“Bristol NW Foodbank do really fantastic work with an enormous range of people who’ve run into hard times. Financial crisis can happen to nearly anyone and it is inspiring to see such personal care and attention shared with so many people who are struggling.  If Government systems could provide this kind of personalised approach to the people it cares for, we would live in a much better world.”

January 2014-

“My pension has been stopped, and it’s a real problem for me waiting for it to be reinstated.  Thank you for your help.”

December 2013-

‘Thank you so much for all your support through a very difficult time.  Eight months ago I came off disability benefit off my own back, I thought I wanted to try and get a job. But the Job Centre pressure sent me back down into depression, which meant I couldn’t claim Employment Support Allowance.  I have been without benefits for about eight months and waiting for an assessment.  During that time I’ve had to rely on the Foodbank and friends and family to survive.  I’ve just heard this week that it’s all sorted.’

November 2013-

A client said  whilst at the Foodbank.  “I have been sanctioned by the job centre, even though I have been attending interviews and ringing up about jobs….  They say it’s not enough.  It is affecting our whole family (6 of them children). It affects our food supply and we are getting into rent arrears and are fearing an eviction letter..”  (A Health Visitor and Advice worker are involved with helping this family to try and resolve their situation)

October 2013-

Rachel said today, “I have always worked.  My hours have been cut recently due to funding cuts, so I can’t afford a lot on food.  Thanks to the Foodbank for making a difference to my local area.”

September 2013-

Louise said, “It’s a fantastic service, nice to have help when you need it.  A lovely warm welcome from the volunteers make it even better.  Many thanks for all your loving support.”

July 2013-

At our Supermarket Collection day on  Saturday we were amazed and blessed by one customer called Andrea donating a whole trolley of food, that  filled six supermarket crates.  This is what Andrea said about the Foodbank.  “I was made redundant about a year ago and it devastated me and my family.  We had a terrible time.  I didn’t know about the Foodbank at the time, it would have really helped me.  It is great to know the Foodbank is there and other charities helping those in crisis.  I am back at work, but my brother has also been made redundant and in a position where he may need to use the Foodbank.  I think the Foodbank is great, especially in a time when so many people are finding themselves out of work.  It is good to know there are people out there who care.”

June 2013-

As a client left this morning they said a heartfelt, “God Bless you!” to the Foodbank team.

April 2013-

Nancy, a recent client said, “I have found the Foodbank very useful and it has helped me out a lot.  Thank you.”

March 2013-

Teresa said, “I have found this place very helpful and everyone are very polite and welcoming”.

Nicole said today, “Foodbank has helped me lots and has helped ease the pressure of trying to provide for my children.  I am truly grateful.”

Jayne a recent client said, “I think that the Foodbank is very good and has helped many people who struggle with money and living expenses.”

February 2013-

Client Matthew said this week,”I think the Foodbank is invaluable for people who are finding things hard during this recession.  It proves that there are a set of people who care about bridging the gap between the people that don’t have and the people that do.  I was nervous coming in at first, but seeing the people smiling and making cups of tea helped make me feel more welcome.”

January 2013-

We have been overwhelmed by clients in tears this week as they received their food packages. One in particular was struggling to get by on just £10 a week.

December 2012-

“It’s really lovely having full cupboards for a change” – A client

November 2012-

“The Foodbank is really helpful and welcoming.  The food’s really good quality, in date and tasty.  I’ve been able to make great recipies from it-curry, chilli con carne and homemade cereal bars.” Tasha

“I was sceptical about coming to the Foodbank, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Everybody needs help in their life at some time or other.  You’ve just got to swallow your pride really!”  Nicole

October 2012-

“Thank you so much for the gift of food my family received today. We are truly overwhelmed with the generosity. We never expected to get so much. Our cupboards have never been so full. It was especially nice to be given baby food for our 8 month old son and to receive some luxury items like sweets and fancy biscuits. Thank you once again for your expression of care.” – A Mum

August  2012 –

“I quite often end up not being able to eat, so that I can feed the children. The Foodbank has been brilliant, fantastic and all the Foodbank staff have been really polite and friendly, and also more than that it’s been lovely just to be able to come along and have a chat.” – Kelly

July 2012 –

“I have found that my own circumstances have been very challenging during the time that I have worked at the Foodbank. I myself needed to use the service for a number of occasions when I had no income. It has been a great safety net for me and many others.” Oscar

June 2012 –

Gary – 25th May 2012

“I was introduced to the Foodbank by a representative of the local branch of Job Centre Plus. This was at a time when I was forced from Employment Support Allowance to Jobseekers Allowance.  I then had numerous reductions from my benefit leaving me with £45 per week. After paying gas and electric I had so little money left that I was running short of food.

I was immediately struck by the kindness of the volunteers who were most welcoming. It was at a time when I was very down and feeling a tad hopeless.

The Foodbank helps some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Bristol and once I had “got back on my feet” I volunteered to help. I wanted to be part of an organisation that assists people who are in genuine need. I have been a volunteer for approximately 3 months and greatly enjoy the experience; in my own small way trying to make a positive difference to people’s lives.”

May 2012-

Client comment when presented with their food bags. “Wow!  (silence) Wow!  (silence) I can’t believe you are giving me this much food.  I didn’t realise help like this was available.”

April 2012-

“Thank you for the warm welcome and kindness.”

“The Foodbank is great.  It really helped me when I was in a difficult financial situation, before I started my new job.”  – Former Client

March 2012-

“Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!…….tears…..Thank you!  Thank you!” A client overwhelmed by the food and the household cleaning items we were able to give them today.

“I have been asked to thank you on behalf of my client for the amazing bags of food you gave them.  They were thrilled.  Thank you too for the hospitality you showed me…”

February 2012-

“It’s been amazing, more people need to know about it, people like me who are in a vulnerable situation.” Mark

January 2012-

“The Foodbank is a fantastic resource.  It is making a huge difference to the families we are working with!”  Nikky -Avonmouth Children’s Centre

“Thanks to all at Foodbank.  Without your help I don’t know what would have happened to us. So thank you for your help and kindness.” – Foodbank client

December 2011-

“Because of  … I have only managed to get by this week because of the help of  the Foodbank.  Without it, I don’t know how I would have fed my children.  I’ve been in tears over what to do.”

 November 2011-

“The Foodbank has been a real lifeline for one of our families this week.” – Four Villages Children’s Centre

October 2011 –

In one of the Harvest boxes from a school a child had written a card saying, “I hope you enjoy the food box I made you.” We were touched by the thoughtfulness of how they had decorated and prepared their box!

September 2011-

“Thank you very much for the food that you gave us on Thursday at Lawrence Weston Baptist Church pick up point. We were delighted with the food you supplied and this allowed us a short respite from worrying about where our next meal was coming from, and for this we both cannot thank you enough.  Please can you say a big thank you to everyone from the Foodbank that was at Lawrence Weston Church last Thursday as they were all so friendly and helpful and the hot drinks were much appreciated…

At one school harvest assembly, one family were so grateful for the food they had received from the Foodbank, that each child from the family brought in a tin of food to give to the harvest collection, so that they could give back to the Foodbank.

July 2011-

“It is so rewarding!” (working at the Foodbank)
“It’s great to see people leaving the Foodbank smiling.”

One of our staff on working at the Foodbank.  “It is a brilliant opportunity to do something worthwhile, and feel like you are really helping people!”

A lady said today as she walked out with her four children, ‘My children will be able to eat tonight!!’

June 2011-

“I can’t thank the Foodbank enough for helping us out when we needed it.  We had no where else to turn.  Now we are back on our feet, we are in a position to donate food items back to the Foodbank.”

April 2011-

“ She was so grateful she was nearly in tears and when I called on her she showed me her cupboards full of the food and said she’d never had so much and she kept going in the kitchen to open the doors and look. I don’t think most people in Bristol have much concept of how much this means and how close to the bread line so many people are in Bristol.”


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