Anne Marie’s Story

Anne Marie’s Story

Anne Marie is the mother of five children, two now grown up, and lives in Bristol along with her husband. She is a trained nail technician and hairdresser, but due to an ongoing illness has been unable to work for several years. With so many mouths to feed the Bristol NW food bank has been a lifeline to her family, especially when benefit payments are delayed due to technical oversight.

Although she found difficulty in admitting she couldn’t provide, Anne Marie always finds a warm welcome, a non judgmental attitude and a cup of tea from the staff at the food bank. When she has to go to the food bank, Anne Marie says she is always taken aback by the amount of food her family is given, “I can’t believe all that’s for us!”. The food bank is such a vital resource to families like Anne Marie’s.

The food packs given to families, as well as single people, are designed to be enough for three days of meals, however Anne Marie boasts she can make them last a lot longer! “It is so important,” she says, “for people to continue to support this charity.” There are many opportunities to donate to the food banks in Bristol. Many supermarkets have collection days. With buy one get one free offers in many supermarkets it’s so easy to give the ‘free’ one to the food bank so a family has enough to eat. Anne Marie’s family have felt the benefit of so many other people’s thoughtful actions and they want to thank those who have given and encourage others to think about how they could help.

Mary Topley August 2012


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